Samsung Galaxy Tips for New Users

Notification Screen Galaxy S3

Here are some of my favorite settings for the Samsung Galaxy SIII,

I have upgraded to a Galaxy s4,

Oct 25, 2014 I got my Galaxy Note 4 I pre-ordered from Verizon.

Accessing Settings

1. Swipe down from the top of the phone to open the notification screen.  Across the top of this screen are on/off icons for many of the features, for example to toggle Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Screen rotation, Power saving, Airplane mode, Driving mode, Sync (you can scroll right to see the rest) you just hit the button.  One button that I feel is missing here is the WiFi button (thanks to Verizion) that is on my other devices.


How to optimize mysql tables in Drupal

How to optimize my Drupal database?

The easiest way is to install the DB Maintenance module. Information on how to install a Drupal module is available in our Drupal tutorial.

After the module is installed and activated, you can access it from your Drupal admin area >  Administer > Site configuration > DB maintenance. Select the tables which you wish to optimize and click Optimize now.



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