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Other userful sites for Apache Solr with Drupal

Here is a link for Ubuntu with multiple cores running out of one example solr application

  • Tomcat6, Solr 1.4.0, Ubuntu 9.10, Drupal 6

How to Install Solr 3 on Drupal 7

  • Drupal 7, Solr 3.4, Very sketchy instructions

Here is a link for Multi Core Apache Solr on Ubuntu 10.04 for Drupal with Auto Provisioning

  • Jetty, Solr 1.4, Drupal 6

Here is a link for setting up Multicore Solr on Ubuntu 10.04


drupal duplicate node-url token definition with token module

Last token dev releases have added a new [node-url] token, this creates a conflict wit this module that defines too the same token, forcing a conflict error with other modules as pathauto. Here is a patch as explained in this issue


Dave Reid - August 12, 2010 - 22:20

845250-notifications-token-dupe-D6-2.patch 1.58 KB


To apply the patch download the patch file above to the directory



Semantic Web and Resource Description Framework

Need defined

HTML can only say that the span of text "ID586172" is something that should be positioned near "Acme Gizmo" and "$199", etc. There is no way to say "this is a catalog" or even to establish that "Acme Gizmo" is a kind of title or that "$199" is a price. There is also no way to express that these pieces of information are bound together in describing a discrete item, distinct from other items perhaps listed on the page.

Semantic Web

Componets of Semetic web


Boost 6.x: Static page caching for your website

Boost is a contributed module that provides static page caching for Drupal websites. It can help you realize a significant performance increase for personal blogs, small business, corporate sites, portals and directories that receive mostly anonymous traffic.The built-in crawler makes sure expired content is quickly regenerated for fast page loading.



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