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Drupal as a Web Services Platform by Greg Dunlap

Version 2 has been released for two months and is stable.  Greg took over as maintainer and cleaned out the issue queue and released a stable version of Web services module. View the video here.

Web services uses in Drupal have historically been for Flash, however lately use for Mobile applications has taken off.

The way web services work:

  1. Servers receive requests from devices
  2. Authentication validates the correct access
  3. Services process the request and return a result through the servers to the device

This was a great presentation. 



Tim O'Reilly Keynote

"Cloud Computing does not mean what you think it does.  Open Web services and Open Data are just as important as Open source code."

  • Cloud computing does not mean what you think it means, The cloud includes:
    • Devices acting as sensors
    • Devices whose UT is on the Web
    • Data from and to multiple online services (location, search, traffic, imagery)
  • The PC is out of the loop
  • The Internet Operating System is a Data Operating System
  • Who do we want to own the Internet Operating System, (see who owns what)

Tim referred to his blogs The War for the Web, and The State of the Internet Operating System.  Also, he referred to the blog Truly Open Data.

Main Points:


Drupal Performance Tuning

2.8 million hits per day by Khalid Baheyeldin from 2bits.com

Took a site from .4 million hits, 96,000 hits per week. 65K users 15K Nodes.  Site was locking up every few days

How did we do it?

We did not use any of the modules.


excessive swaping

Many services running that not needed like FTP

No PHP accelerator, no memcache



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