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How to fix favicon.ico page not found in Drupal

Thanks to Foobarist for the following:

Problem / Symptoms

Your Drupal 5.x or 6.x installation is throwing "Page not found" errors for favicon.ico.  (You can see this in Admin > Logs > Recent Log Entries > Page Not Found)

What's going on?

There is no favicon.ico in the Drupal root directory. 

Drupal's themeing system inserts the following line into your website's source.  This is why when you view your site, you see a favicon in your browser, even though there is no favicon.ico in Drupal's root directory.


How to setup Drupal 5

Drupal was easy to download and install but harder to learn and extend.  Once I started adding modules and learning what they could do I became very impressed and overwelmed.
Here are all my notes on learning and installing Drupal 5
For all but the very simple sites Drupal is my recommendation.



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