The creative approach for Drupal - Brad Haynes

Brad Haynes, Salesforce

Creativity = the process of having origional ideas that add value.

Embracking Failure

Self evaluation





good tour guide

I scored below the 1-5, she gave me a zero and I got fired.

"Why do we fall, so's we can learn to pick our selves up."

Take risks and learn from your mistakes


A whole new mind by David Pink, Left brain, right brain.  Logical - Big Piture

Ken Robinson Divergent -vs- convergent (youtube video)

Desigining Everything

People need to understand you strategy

Design as a differentiator

Young people list their skills as everything they have touched once.  Later they find out they are not really an expert at most of it.

Reserve color for only those things I can interact with.

Balance equal amount of color, how to be a great team.


Open floor space, colaberation with others on the same floor.


Nest Thermostats

Path The smart journal app