Dries Buytaert Keynote Drupalcon Denver 2012

DriesBWin the hearts and minds (Video)

Innovation examples, cat duster, baby duster, noodle hair shield.
Cool companies like Palm and others have failed to innovate, Drupal must innovate.
Drupal 7 grew 2.5 times faster than Drupal 6 to 100,000 sites, there are now more drupal 7 sites than drupal 6.
Kodak invented digital photography, but they were unwilling to move away from their core analog business.

Self reflection on Drupal

Strengths: community, flexibility, time to deploy, assembled web sites

Weakness, tallent starvation, mobile
1. Rudimentary authoring experience, Consummation of IT
2. Aging web development framework
3. Small drupal talent pool.  Demand is greater than supply

Mary meeker, mobile is the 5th technology wave
Drupal has 1.5 million sites, 6.7% of CMS sites, 70% of web sites have no CMS.
Mobile will grow by 25x in the next 5 years

Interview clips with
NBC,NYSE, Warner

We need to win the hearts and minds of three groups or roles of Drupal users

Developers: update use symfony frame work, easier support for services, more complex pages and caching of parts, tool of the future.

Site visitors: great mobile experiance, by 2015 80% of web traffic will be mobile. Add restful web services to drupal core, add SDKs to drupal for mobile apps, default out put will be HTML 5.

Authors: add key parts to core, online editing, drag and drop, distributions
Drupal 8 greater freeze December, code freeze, release 8 in 18 months.