Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s Feature List

Ice Cream Sandwich

Here are some highlights of the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Version

  • Roboto: Goodbye Droid Sans, a new typeface called Roboto is here to rule the roost.
  • Landscape Controls: We knew that the Galaxy Nexus opted to move the classic Android buttons onto the screen, but they smartly disappear when viewing video or in widescreen mode.
  • Flexible Widgets: Ice Cream Sandwich’s stock widgets are resizable and more robust than previous versions. They also now occupy their own separate space in the app drawer.


How to Drupal 7 site with interationalization and translation - step by step tutorial

This week I tried to add internationalization and translations to a Drupal 7 site.  It took longer than it should have to figure everything out.  Adding a language pack was not too bad, but figuring out what modules I needed totranslate my field labels and how to translate menus took more detective work than itshould have.  I decided to document all of this in case I need to do it again, and to be nice I will post my step by step guide.

Install and enable the correct modules

1. Enable the module Content Translation (part of core)

admin/modules and check the box and save

2. Download and install Localization Update(this will automate downloading new languages)

#drush dl l10n_update

Drush Aliases Setup

Aliases simplify specifing a site in Drush.
Instead of this: drush status 
we get drush @dev status A nice shortcut.

Setup an Alias for Drush

Create a directory called .drush in your home directory, if it doesn't exist already. Add the drush aliases file here.

mkdir ~/.drush
vi ~/.drush/aliases.drushrc.php

Add an entry like this for a dev site: 

$aliases['dev'] = array(
  'uri' => 'localhost/drupal_dev', // Replace localhost with the uri of your site
  'root' => '/www/sites/drupal/dev', // This is the Drupal root directory.

That's it! Now if I want to run a drush command on my local dev site, I can type (from any directory) drush @dev status

Drupal 7 not searching certain fields with display suite and Solr

Problem: Some fields not indexed for search

I discovered that I was getting some content that was not being indexed with Drupal 7 and my search setup.  At first I thought is was just a problem with Apache Solr but then I tested Drupal Search and found the same thing.  The problem I was having was with custom fields I defined (in D6 you would use CCK, but in D7 they are called fields).  I also had Display Suite installed and arrange fields.


Search only indexes content that is displayed.  With Display Suite it appears to index only those fields that are included in the default display.


I don't use the default display now for anything except to decide what fields will be indexed for search.

PHP 5.3 fixes for Drupal6 Modules

PHP 5.3 introduces all kinds of error and warning messages.  Luckily Drupal 6.14 fixes the most of the core modules to be compatible with php 5.3 but there are still some little issues even with 6.16 and most of the contrib modules are not yet fixed.  Here is my list of modules and the some work arounds for them.

Drupal System Requirements has a page with some information about php 5.3

Module: Token

Warming: warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.

Fix: edit your sites/default/settings.php and add this to the third line (change Denver to your timezone)

date_default_timezone_set('America/Denver');  /* for php 5.3*/



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