drupal duplicate node-url token definition with token module

Last token dev releases have added a new [node-url] token, this creates a conflict wit this module that defines too the same token, forcing a conflict error with other modules as pathauto. Here is a patch as explained in this issue


Dave Reid - August 12, 2010 - 22:20

845250-notifications-token-dupe-D6-2.patch 1.58 KB


To apply the patch download the patch file above to the directory



How to setup Wordpress

I liked Wordpress, it was easy to install and to add some prebuilt themes, there were a few mambots and extensions I liked as well. It is very easy to use for a one author many readers type site. But setting up groups of users with their own pages is very hard because it is not designed for it. Also, I was frustrated by the lack of integration of extensions with each other.


Package: libdvdcss2-1.2.13-7.fc19.x86_64 (@atrpms) Requires: /usr/sbin/ldconfig Removing: glibc-2.17-11.fc19.i686 (@updates) Not found

Package: libdvdcss2-1.2.13-7.fc19.x86_64 (@atrpms) Requires: /usr/sbin/ldconfig Removing: glibc-2.17-11.fc19.i686 (@updates) Not found Solved Did "sudo yum remove libdvdcss2" and sudo yum update, and that updated the 'glibc' OK. I found libdvdcss2 as an .rpm here so I just went and installed that and all seems fine now.

Fedora Install and configure tips

I like to start by following these guides, with a few short cuts and additions:

The Perfect Desktop - Fedora i686 (GNOME)

This is a great screen by screen guide to help you download and install Fedora


After installing Fedora 14 the big short cut is to use easyLife, download and install easyLife for Fedora here.  This provides one application that you can use to add all the "not completly opensource" stuff you really need to make Fedora useful.  Things like the following list are just a couple of clicks away:


Install awstats web site statistics on Fedora

First install awstats with RPM or from the Add/Remove Software menu.

Configure Awstats

Then run the following command to configure awstats

sudo /usr/share/awstats/tools/awstats_configure.pl

You will be prompted to:

  1. supply the path to your /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file.
  2. want to create a new config file? y
  3. name the config: mydomain.com
  4. path to the config file: /etc/awstats

Automate updating the awstats

Finally I added the following to a script file usage.sh and called it from a cron entry every week:


How I got started

How to create a web site for small businesses or family groups.

I wanted to evaluate the best software for creating some web sites:

  1. A web site for social networking with my family (Blogs, Photo Gallerys)
  2. A wiki for documenting knowledge
  3. Small business web site using open source software on Apache and Linux. (still under way)

Capture the process on my own wiki

Since I wanted to use the wiki to capture all the tips and tricks I learned through this process I started my evaluating and installing wiki software. I have made my wiki available to the public with all my notes.



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