E commerce with Drupal 7 Ubercart or Drupal Commerce?

by Mark Royko

Ubercart is still the best game in town for Drupal 6, and it continues marching on — Ubercart 3 is a port of the project to Drupal 7, and there is a committed developer base currently at work. Lately though, the choices for Drupal 7-native shopping carts has gotten bigger, with the introduction of Drupal Commerce. 

Common MySQL Queries

See also: Guide to Tuning MySQL for Performance



How to optimize mysql tables in Drupal

How to optimize my Drupal database?

The easiest way is to install the DB Maintenance module. Information on how to install a Drupal module is available in our Drupal tutorial.

After the module is installed and activated, you can access it from your Drupal admin area >  Administer > Site configuration > DB maintenance. Select the tables which you wish to optimize and click Optimize now.


Nagios Basic Setup

Basic Setup

On fedora or CentOS just install the RPM for Nagios and the plugins

yum install nagios

Edit the config files in /etc/nagios/objects

Check the config files are valid by typing

nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg

Start nagios by typing

/etc/init.d/nagios restart


Samsung Galaxy Tips for New Users

Notification Screen Galaxy S3

Here are some of my favorite settings for the Samsung Galaxy SIII,

I have upgraded to a Galaxy s4,

Oct 25, 2014 I got my Galaxy Note 4 I pre-ordered from Verizon.

Accessing Settings

1. Swipe down from the top of the phone to open the notification screen.  Across the top of this screen are on/off icons for many of the features, for example to toggle Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Screen rotation, Power saving, Airplane mode, Driving mode, Sync (you can scroll right to see the rest) you just hit the button.  One button that I feel is missing here is the WiFi button (thanks to Verizion) that is on my other devices.


Oracle STATSPACK installation steps

Step 1: Create the perfstat Tablespace

The STATSPACK utility requires an isolated tablespace to contain all of the objects and data. For uniformity, it is suggested that the tablespace be called perfstat, the same name as the schema owner for the STATSPACK tables. Note that I have deliberately not used the AUTOEXTEND option. It is important for the Oracle DBA to closely watch the STATSPACK data to ensure that the stats$sql_summary table is not taking an inordinate amount of space. We will talk about adjusting the STATSPACK thresholds later in this chapter.

Next, we create a tablespace called perfstat with at least 180 megabytes of space in the datafile:

>sqlplus /

Setting up NRPE on Linux

NOTE: These instructions apply to a system that has not previously had NRPE installed on it.  If NRPE has been previously installed, you will need to backup the nrpe.cfg file to ensure it is not lost.

NOTE2: The system you are installing this on MUST have access to your nagios server on port 80.  You can verify this by typing "telnet nagiosserver.mycompany.com 80".

1. Install rpmforge on the linux system

Please refer to this document on installing it if you have not already: http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories/RPMForge

2. Next: install nagios-nrpe on the system

rpm -q nagios-nrpe ||  yum --enablerepo=rpmforge install nagios-nrpe


Build Mobile Apps for Drupal Sites

What are the choices?

Native application - requires skills


Allows you to put your app on the IOS and Android Markets where you can sell

You can have offline content by putting it in a www folder

Setup services 3 on Drupal 7 to get freah content

Out of the box it comes with plugins for camera, maps, contacts,

Use the Drupal Module MAG (Mobile App Generator)

Generate your application

Install the Android SDK

Install PhoneGap

You can use PhoneGAP with the cloud build.

You can add HTML to the app to allow you to take a picture and upload it to your site.

Some tips and Tricks

Do the development in the brower with web-kit, test and debug in the browser, test on each device.

Make sure you test it without being on a private network.

Jeff Wood githup site with Drupal project that will use the camera.




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