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Monday and Tuesday at Gartner

Things I wish I knew more about:

  • # of servers and # of virtual servers, % windows and linux
  • IT budget 2011, 2012, % of Revenue IT budget
  • # of employees IT and all both in Provo and globally
  • ITL
  • Size of Data center SQ Feet white space and servers
  • Why is Nu Skin Contract info sent out in spreadsheets?

Things I learned about Monday

Creative Destruction is symbolized by burning fields to make them fertile again.

  • What fields do we need to burn?
  • Need to challenge the traditional IT relationship of being a service provider and taking requirements, instead be a collaborator.
  • Get rid of all paper
  • Stop binary thinking There is a gray area between
  • Make it fun to do IT.  Redecorate IT to be and look creative.  Most people in the business are analog not digital.

Use Pace Layered

  • Systems of Innovation
  • Systems of Differentiation
  • Systems of Record

Post Modern Business

  • Anything goes
  • If you don’t deliver the business will find a device or application they like better. 
  • This has happened with Ryan Newman not in IT, Byron not in IT, and HR some not in IT.


  • IT will soon need to focus development first on Mobile then on desktop. 
  • QA should test Iphone, Ipad, Tablets, Andriod now
  • By 2015 Mobile application development will outnumber PC 4 to 1.
  • Context Aware computing
  • Most Patents held by Steve Jobs (300+) are about user experience.
  • In about two years some companies will run in-house app stores


3 big trends they see

  • More smart phones than PCs – should start designing for mobile first
  • Social will replace email
  • The entire physical world is being recreated virtually

Google Apps Demo

  • Gmail can translate emails

Google+ join a hangout for a video conference


Things I learned about Tuesday

Jim Livingston – Associate CIO (Director of Opterations) U of U Health Care

  • Data Center used Smith Group to achieve PUE of 1.2, Oracles was 1.3, Average is 2.5
  • White space is flooded with outside air, use no cooling 80% of the year, can preheat (redirected exhaust) or precool (chillers) air when needed.
  • No rasied floor, just on cement
  • All exhaust air is captured and sent out ceiling
  • No hot spots in Data Center
  • Water fire suppression, dry pipes, 3 level alarm
  • Density for research CPU’s 45,000 KV per foot
  • Lowered cost to build from $43 million to $21 million
  • Plan on Using NagiosXI plan to come down for a visit to see how we did it

Human Capital analytics, Gene Pease – CEO,

  • Can measure how effective different HR things are like leadership development, training programs, etc.  Leading company

Derek Sotkowy Strategic Marketing Samsung

  • Working on Enterprise solutions including Exchange, encryption, VPN, management for Galaxy Tab

Yammer free social network with enterprise options

  • Can integrate with Active Directory and provide same access permissions
  • Can integrate with SharePoint pulling meta data from SharePoint, restricting access same as SharePoint
  • Can pass any security audit
  • Free version, enterprise version

Nagarro – Dan Kehoe

  • SharePoint services for application development

Vigilent Data Center Cooling Monitors and Controls

  • Drop cooling cost by up to 40% Add devices to every 3rd rack with two temperature sensors.  Use private wireless network (not WiFi) talks to gateway and turns on and off coolers as needed.
  • Dan Mascola