nsca Nagios Passive Service Check

nsca - Daemon and client program for sending passive check results across the network

Overview: Allows you to submit passive service checks results to another server on the network that is running Nagios.
nsca - Daemon that runs on the central Nagios server and processes passive service check results submitted by clients
nsca.cfg - Configuration file for the nsca daemon
send_nsca - Client program that is executed from remote hosts and sends passive service check information to the nsca daemon on the central Nagios server
send_nsca.cfg - Configuration file for the send_nsca client

This addon allows you to send passive service check results from remote hosts to a central monitoring host that runs Nagios. The client can be used as a standalone program or can be integrated with remote Nagios servers that run an ocsp command to setup a distributed monitoring environment. Communication between the client and daemon can be encrypted via various algorithms (DES, 3DES, CAST, xTEA, Twofish, LOKI97, RJINDAEL, SERPENT, GOST, SAFER/SAFER+, etc.) if you have the mcrypt libraries installed on your systems.