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Drupal is a well built open source CMS select by IBM.

Internal Drupal Sites

User Guides

Tutorial Videos

Content Managment


Drupal Overview Training

Installation of Drupal 5



Advanced Install

<pre>#Min Hour DayOfMonth Month W(dayOfWeek) Command 00 2 * * * http://localhost/drupal/cron.php </pre>

  • or add cron entry for 45 min after each hour

<pre>#Min Hour DayOfMonth Month W(dayOfWeek) Command 45 * * * * http://localhost/drupal/cron.php </pre> <pre> 6 * * * * wget -O - -o /dev/null -t 1 -T 240 http://web3us.com/drupal/cron.php >dev/null 2>&1 </pre>


This is a cool module but it is not a drop in see example site

An easy-to-use method for displaying nodes using the jCarousel library for jQuery. This is true, but should include assuming you're familiar with Drupal, Node Queue, theme overrides, PHP, and CSS. If any of this is new territory for you, then implementing NodeCarousel will be an ambitious project. It's a highly customizable module, but it's not a drop-in solution

Trouble Shooting blank screen

Add the following to Drupal's index.html to show debug info if you get the white screen of death: <pre> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', TRUE); ini_set('display_startup_errors', TRUE);


  • @file
  • /

.... ?></pre>


Install pubcookie


Gallery2 URL rewrite

  • Quick Setup
  • Full install instructions
  • Note to get this to work and update the .htaccess correctly, do the following:
    1. After the above go to gallery from in drupal (this must be embedded not stand alone)
    2. select site admin (note you must first enable drupal admin role at: user managment->gallery users->user settings)
    3. Select plugins
    4. Select URL Rewrite configure, This asks again for the URI and path to .htaccess, save entries
    5. Now select activate URL rewrite, and it all works.

Drupal Service Providers

This Page is a directory of some of the individuals and organizations providing Drupal-related services including installation, configuration, design, module development, drupal customization, training, support and other consulting services.

Drupal Internals

Other Drupal Info

Open source web solutions from IBM

<br> Here are some pages with some more details on Drupal:


Example Drupal Sites


Modules worth testing

Useful Links


Server Configuration



Net Beans Support for Drupal

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Compare Drupal to other CMS

Drupal verses Wordpress


Drupal compared to Joomla

Architecture verses Functionality